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Fight for Freedom

Freedom! We should never take it for granted & we should never stop fighting to preserve it! Fight for our freedom to worship, our freedom to gather peacefully, our freedom to share our faith. When I wrote this poem in my book #enjoythejourney - just last year - our freedoms were not being threatened, but today they are being challenged. Churches all over the United States of America are being forced to stay closed, while Bars, ABC stores, Marijuana Dispensaries, Abortion Clinics all are in full operation and deemed essential. Does that really make sense to you? Our Christian Faith is under attack - no doubt about it.

Will you rise up? Will you fight for our freedom ...and for the generations to come?!?!

We can’t sit silently by and watch them strip us of what so many fought to defend and protect! Let’s teach our kids about what Freedom is! Let’s band together and raise our voice!

To help teach your kids about Freedom, along with other valuable lessons, you can get a copy of my book Enjoy The Journey here.

Another really valuable resource we have been using to teach our kids to value Freedom and resist socialism is the Tuttle Twins Series. I can not say enough wonderful things about these books! My kids and I absolutely love them! You can check out their resources here.

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