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Words are Seeds

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

It's Back to School Time!! ⏰📘✏️🚌Here is a challenge to all the parents, teachers, coaches & bus drivers... Let's all be mindful of the WORDS we speak to our children...

“If you want a child’s mind to grow, you must first plant a seed.” How do we plant a seed in the mind of a child? With our WORDS.


Did you ever have someone in your childhood say something encouraging that stuck with you your entire life? Or maybe someone said something that wasn’t so nice... and that stuck with you too, didn’t it? We must mindful to use our words to speak life-giving, encouraging, positive messages to our children that will build their confidence and help them to know who they really are in Christ.

The reality is that this world we live in can be cruel at times & as they grow up, head off to school and all those extra curricular things, they will face situations where their confidence takes a hit, when their peers hurl insults, or maybe even an adult speaks a word that crushes their dreams, goals and aspirations.

When they are with us, we should be building them up & pointing them to what the Word says so much, that when they face these challenging times, they aren’t so fazed by them. So as we all head back to school, I pray over all the kids, but I also pray for the parents and teachers too that they would use their words to #speaklife & PLANT GOOD SEEDS in all the young and growing minds that God has entrusted to us. ❤️🙏🏼

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