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Call Me Crazy

Go ahead and call me crazy, I don’t care. I am crazy about Jesus!

Today, Marty text me this video. I linked it to my blue tooth speaker and blasted it SO LOUD! I found myself crying at the beginning of the song, then got up and started to dance around the house! Kylie sat at the kitchen table where she was interrupted from doing school work to watch her mom take a “praise break” and jump around the house like a crazy lady. Giving God thanks and praise for all He has done in my life and the countless lives of my friends and family! She sat with the biggest smile on her face and afterward asked me why I was crying and dancing at the same time.

So many I know right now are in need! Need of healing, need of peace, need of HOPE! Jesus is the answer & always will be! So today & every day, I turn to HIM for the answers to all the pain in this world. I ask him to bring physical healing and restoration, to bring unity and peace in our nation, to restore broken families, to heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds, to set the captives free & break every stronghold, and for the salvation of those far from Him. He is the answer!

So today, I want to encourage you to take a “praise break” - even in the middle of the chaos, the struggle and pain! Praise Him! Praise breaks chains. Worship is our weapon. And then...after you praise Him and thank Him in advance for the victory...after a HOPE DEALER - share a word of encouragement with someone God puts on your heart! We are ALL in need of encouragement! And you never know just how much that person you reach out to may need to hear a word of hope and love! Go give it away, friends & make someone’s day brighter!

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