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Real Love Doesn't Run

Life is messy. We are messy.

I don't believe that anyone is perfect or lives a perfect life. There is only One who ever was and ever has, and His name is Jesus. I am so thankful that because He came and first loved us, we are able to know what LOVE really is & enter into relationship with Him and with others.

But I think you just might agree that how we define "love" and the picture many of us have in our minds of what "real love" is, has been jaded by the culture we live in...mostly by the media - tv, romantic movies, love songs, even social media posts showing the best side of everyones relationships. But REAL LOVE is not any of the "mushy" stuff we think it should be. It's a commitment. It's a covenant. It's a choice.

Like i said before, we are a messy people and when two imperfect people come together and combine all their baggage, things can get really complicated. Real Love doesn't run when things are tough, because Real Love makes a commitment to stay. Real love is being the legs of someone who can't standup for themselves in their weak moments. Real love is sacrifice. Real love is endurance. Real love is pure and not self-seeking. Real love is patient & kind. Real love is slow to get angry. Real love always trusts and believes the best. Real love always protects. Real love never fails.

On this Valentine's Day I felt compelled to share what REAL LOVE is, because I think, so often, we get it wrong and then feel like everyone else has some magical kind of love that we are missing out on, so we start looking all around us - when really we should look within. The ONLY perfect love is God. The Bible tells us that He IS love. Our human love is messy. It always will be...but goodness am I thankful that I have been able to experience the gift of messy love.

Today, I woke up with this song on my heart & felt led to share. I haven't shared a song in a while, and if I am honest, there are a lot of parts in this recording that make me cringe & I hesitated to share because of some pitchy parts, my double chin & some weird expressions on my face 🤣 lol. I could have re-recorded it a bunch of times to get it perfect, but I wanted it to be real, raw & messy...because well, God loves us in our real, raw & messy state. He loves us just the way we are.

I absolutely love this song & I feel the lyrics are so fitting for today... and every day because God is always pursuing your heart. There is a battle for your soul and He will never stop fighting for you. That's REAL LOVE.

I know so many of us desire that "romantic" love we see in the movies, but what is far more valuable than that surface-level love, is the LOVE of our Heavenly Father, who loves us UNCONDITIONALLY. It doesn't matter how much we mess up, or how ugly our attitudes and actions can be sometimes, He still loves us & promises to never leave us or forsake us. That is REAL LOVE.

So if today is hard for you, as I know it is for many, I want you to know that YOU, my friend, are loved beyond measure! There IS ONE who is RELENTLESSLY PURSUING YOUR HEART. His name is Jesus. So today, open up and let Him overwhelm your soul with His perfect love.

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